May the Force Be With You - Introducing the new Spypoint Force Series.

The new range of wildlife camera traps from Spypoint have arrived, featuring the latest innovations in trail cam technology including super fast trigger times, zero second delay between triggers, mobile data transfer and multiple sensor zones, to provide the ultimate resource whether you are monitoring a wildlife site, or capturing evidence of trespassing, or fly tipping etc

The Spypoint Force-12 trail camera captures 12 Megapixel color photos by day (black-and-white photos by night) and HD video with sound. The ultra compact size of this camera makes it easy to carry and simple to install. It is also equipped with a configuration screen and a user friendly menu which makes it really easy to use.

The Spypoint Force 12 has been completely redesigned inside and out, the detection angle has been improved and the trigger speed is faster than ever with a 0.6 second response time, and a zero second delay between triggers.

Force is also available in a 11 megapixel model with the same specification, albeit with a configuration screen only, where as Force 12 has a screen to allow playback on the camera also.

The new Spypoint Iron series of wildlife camera, features 10 megapixel still image capture, and HD video with sound. Take full colour pictures or video by day, or at night the camera automatically switches to night mode, using a high power invisible LED array to illuminate it's subjects.

Ideal when you wish to use a camera for covert surveillance, fly tipping, or for security applications. The "no glow" black flash LED avoids spooking wildlife also, so you can get up close and personal with a badger without it ever being away it is being filmed by the remote wildlife camera.


The new Spypoint Smart Pro camera is a "ready to use" camera straight out the box* and is equipped with the Spypoint ITT system to provide intelligent triggering technology, allowing the camera to analyse movements and capture better photos and videos.

No set up is required to use the camera, it is already rest with ideal settings for the majority of wildlife applications, whether used on trails or on nest sites. Settings can also be personalised for advanced users.

This Spypoint Tiny 4G camera system is an excellent choice for users that want to avoid disturbing wildlife sites, because they can view/delete photos via the BLACKBOX-4G controller and remotely control the settings of the cameras. The transmission distance between the camera and the BLACKBOX-4G extends up to 500 ft. Itís possible to combine up to 10 cameras to the BLACKBOX-4G (additional TINY-PLUS cameras, sold separately).

Each installed camera is identified individually in the BLACKBOX-4G.

The photos can be sent to the userís account on via the BLACKBOX-4G controller. ThemySPYPOINT online management service also allows you to organize your photos, change the settings of the camera and get the camera status: signal strength, battery level, used memory space of the SD card, used data quota, etc.

Photos and notifications can also be sent by email and text message (SMS and MMS).

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