New Pulsar XDS Series Thermal Imagers arrive in UK

New Pulsar Quantum XDS Series Thermal Imagers arrive in the UK

A hand held thermal imager provides a fascinating way of watching wildlife without them ever knowing you are there.

Unlike traditional night vision or day optics a thermal imager sees the infrared energy emitted from objects both natural and man made and are not impeded by adverse weather, fog, rain, or objects such as foliage or grass.

The signal processor in the devices takes this infrared energy and displays these subtle temperature differences on a viewfinder display as an image for us to see, and indeed allow us to capture a video using the video out port to a mobile personal recorder.

This can be crucial in gathering evidence or for thermal wildlife surveying and can be used during the day as well as at night.

With modern thermal imagers they provide considerable detail, allowing the user to see hard and texture, as well as facial features at closer ranges.

Pulsar Quantum XDS Series

Available in three models, the XD19S, XD38S and XD50s all offer varying levels of performance, mainly in optical magnification and detection range.

Starting at 500m, 950m and then 1250m detection range, the Pulsar Quantum XDS series provides extreme long range detection allowing you to detect and identify heat sources at distances normal night vision cannot compete with.

With a 50hz refresh rate for ultra smooth imaging, even from a vehicle the Pulsar Quantum XDS series has a OLED display of 640x480 for high resolution display.

Full colour thermal palettes

Pulsar Quantum XDS offers a choice of 6 user selectable colour pallets captured by the germanium lens.

These combine the usual hot white or hot black modes and also colour modes highlighting the hottest and coldest areas with different colours.

Rangefinding reticle

It is very difficult to judge distances at night, the Quantum XDS series features an integrated stadiametric rangefinder, which provides you with a choice of species of known height, and you can then place the cursor over the viewed image and the device will provide a range displayed in the view finder.

Variable Magnification

The Pulsar Quantum XD50S features an optical magnification of 2.8x, which provides a wide field of view, but with the option to increase magnification via a push button zoom system.

This provides 2x, or 4x magnification zoom providing a total magnification capability of 11.2x max magnification.

Video Out Port

Quantum features a video out port on the side of the device which allows connection of a mobile personal recorder, to enable capture of video to SD card for playback at home, or upload to the internet.

You can find out more about the Pulsar Quantum XDS Thermal Imager by visiting our recommended retailer Scott Country International

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